Don’t Fear Web Typography A Massive Introduction

In this “epicsode”, Jessica covers some type history and many CSS terms you’ll come to know and love

  1. There is one thing I have had a lot of problem with. I am trying to upload a logo with a transparent background. I’ve saved it as .png, uploaded it to flickr, and then copy and pasted the url into my html file. The background is always white..
    Is there a way of linking the .png file directly from my computer without passing through the internet (flickr)? Where should I be storing my images to use them on the website?

    • Sophie,

      We’re going to cover buying website domains and hosting in a future video. Once you have your own hosting you’ll be able to host your own images (huzzah!). The specific problem with Flickr may be that they’re converting your .png file to a .jpg file on their end in order to reduce file size costs on their end. Usually .pngs are much larger in file size than .jpgs and this is a common thing large image hosting sites do to save on server space.

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