Fear Not! We’re Here to Help

Introducing “Don’t Fear the Internet”, a new resource to help demystify html and css coding so you can prettify your blogs and quit asking your nerd friends for freebies!

Hey there not-yet-web-savvy folks! It’s high time to ditch that janky Flash website for good. Your web designer friends will be so proud and so much less likely to stab you in the face because of your frantic 3am IMs about how you “broke the internet”. Russ and I (Jessica) are about to take you on a journey of discovery through the wilds of web-nerdiness. Russ is a self-taught web designer operating professionally as Strange Native. He just finished a MFA in interaction design at School of Visual Arts and is ready and raring “to teach technology how to use people”.
I (Jessica Hische) was trained primarily in print design, draw fancy letters for a living, and only mess around on the internet for her personal projects such as this handy twitter guide or my Should I Work for Free? chart. I never thought I’d be as interested in web design as I am (and still have absolutely no desire to do web design for clients), but thanks to webfonts and the sweet draw of instant-gratification, I’ve become increasingly excited to learn web design for personal projects. I hope my non-web background shows that you don’t have to be an evil nerd genius to learn this stuff!

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